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Get your guts ripped out by music: Doom’s soundtrack is finally officially released

Doom sountrack

What the hell took so long, that’s the real question? Doom (2016, but also basically every other game called Doom) was excellent, and much of that was down to an extraordinary soundtrack. Other than a few basic YouTube rips of trailers and straight out of the game files, there was no official release – something that has become very common with big-budget games. Even the collector’s edition was missing the audio CD fans craved. Now it’s out, available to buy through various online services as well as being accessible on Spotify. It’s still really, really good.

Could Doom prove to be one of the finest PC games of 2016?

It’s up on iTunes, if that’s your jam, or Google Play if you feel more like a robot andon Spotifyif you prefer your music free. Particular highlights are Rip & Tear, the first track, and At Doom’s Gate, the remix of E1M1. Cyberdemon and Vega Core are also ace and, oh yes, the entire rest of it because goodness me.

It’s been released to relatively little fanfare beyond a tweet from composer Mick Gordon, further reflecting id didn’t realise what they had on their hands here. No word on a physical version if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, though it’s possible that were it recorded on vinyl playing it backwards would bring about the end times anyway, so maybe it’s for the best.