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Here’s three seconds of Doom gameplay ahead of Bethesda’s E3 reveal

DOOM Reveal teaser

Doom – are you excited? Bethesda certainly is, so much so that they’ve caved in and teased a little bit of the gameplay reveal footage they have planned for this year’s E3. It’s only about three seconds of devilish demon delight, but it certainly does a good job at getting the blood pumping.

Check it out below, if you dare.

Shotguns, rockets and demons resembling an unholy communion of flesh and metal. Yep, this is a Doom game. We’re going to need to wait till June 14th though for the full show, at 7pm PT – we’ll almost certainly be covering it.

If you want to learn more about Doom, our fearless leader Tim went to go see it at Quakecon last year. Here are his impressions.

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