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Some guy just built the BFG from Doom out of Lego

Lego Doom BFG

If you’re going to make every single gun from gaming’s past, present and future out of Lego then there’s one you absolutely can not miss: The BFG 9000.

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YouTuber “ZaziNombies” (we see what you did there, and we are in two minds about it) has a channel devoted to Lego recreations of the finest in digital hardware.

While life-sized versions of Minecraft’s TNT or Team Fortress 2’s Force-a-Nature shotgun are all well and good, if you’re doing guns then Doom is the daddy.

The “Big Fricking Gun” (come on, now, we all know what BFG really stands for, right Roald Dahl?) comes in at more than 5,000 separate Lego bricks, and weighs 20 pounds.

Of course, the real demon-alien decimator would probably weigh a shade more than that, but considering it’s made of hollow plastic bricks, that’s impressive.

The attention to detail is nice, even though Mr. Nombies is working from a 1993 sprite, and some of the construction methods are pretty smart, like using 1×6 smooth tiles sideways in between the brick pegs to make vents.

You can see the whole thing below, with first-person view included of course: