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Super Serious News: pro-EU Twitter campaign thinks students are morons for playing Doom

Doom beta

In a shockingly prejudiced display of ignorance, a pro-European Union Twitter account has labelled students ‘morons’ for daring to stay at home and play phenomenal shooter Doom instead of parading the streets of Britain and spreading the pro-EU message. 

This is clearly not Super Serious News. If you didn’t come here for such frivolous nonsense, why not check out our homepage for the best real PC games news? 

The offending Tweet from InForBritian can be seen below, should you have the stomach to view it. Quite frankly it’s the most sickening thing we’ve seen all week, and that’s coming from a team that’s been tearing the heads off demons for fun. 

InForBritain support the idea of Britain remaining part of the European Union, which apparently hinges on a number of people in full-time education playing a videogame or not. Since the anti-EU Brexit campaign has yet to insult gamers directly, it's primed to see a groundswell of support from people who've been spending all week shooting demons.

People on Twitter have been outraged, posting aggressive and upset tweets expressing their digust for InForBritain’s archaic stance on the institution that is Gaming. 

Hopefully InForBritain will withdraw their scandalous tweet before the day ends. If they do, then perhaps we’ll reconsider our stance. 

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AnAuldWolf avatarjon_hill987 avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Sigh. See, this is what erodes my faith in humanity. The original Twitter is funny. I mean, we happily play games all the time whilst ignoring important matters so it's pretty much on the nose, right? That's good humour.

Humour has to be accurate to make its point. If it's offending someone, it's doing its job right. Though I'll always sigh at the people it did offend, because they're just so incredibly hopeless. It's only bad humour if it hurts someone. Though if someone is hurt for being called a moron what plays video games, I really need to sit down and tell them about my life as a mentally disabled person just so they have a point of comparison.

DOOM is serious business, eh? Can't use that as a focus of humour to get people thinking about actually important topics. I love DOOM (especially retro DOOM), too, but this is just silly.

Sooo... Thanks for bringing it up. And the way it was brought up (with a good dose of sarcastic irony) might make people a little more self aware. Well, in a perfect world! Right?


Footnote: Hoping to see Id retweet this. Just to make a point.

jon_hill987 Avatar
1 Year ago

But what if they support the out campaign?