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Twitter shuts down embedding classic PC games, tweets no longer Doom-filled

Doom twitter

Last week the internet sensation was playing MS-DOS games in Twitter. Thanks to the Internet Archive’s collection of classic PC games, fans discovered that games like Doom could be embedded in tweets for all followers to enjoy. Unfortunately those glory days are over, as Twitter has pulled the plug on embedding games into tweets. 

Twitter hasn’t issued any official word on why they’ve prevented the embeds from working, but a read of the social network’s terms and conditions reveals the answers: “Do not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to Player Card content, such as the following: purchasing, gaming, polling, messaging, and data entry.”

Any tweets containing embedded games such as Street Fighter 2, Doom, and Prince of Persia will no longer operate. If you wanted to play them though, they are still available at the Internet Archive’s PC games library.

Thanks, Digital Spy.