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Watch the Doom panel from QuakeCon: “Bruce Lee with a shotgun on a skateboard”


As Quakecon rolls on as do its panels and previews. No footage of the Doom multiplayer Alpha has yet escaped, but a long panel took place yesterday with various members of the development team. They go over their philosophy for the design of the game, where they’re getting inspiration and how they feel about what they’ve seen from players at QuakeCon so far.

Awkwardly, it’s split across a couple of very quiet Twitch archives. Here’s the first, with the panel starting at 02:38:00:

The rest is here, with at least a bit of it missing:

Sadly there’s no new footage, but lots of discussion of what we saw at E3 from the folks who made it. I quite enjoyed hearing about when it first felt like Doom – how the systems themselves were what mattered, not the style of the maps or the flashy graphics. Those help, of course, but the speed of movement was clearly the number one priority. From what I’ve seen they’re at least very close to the speed and flow I want and it being the focus means that won’t fall off as more features are added.

Equally the talk about focusing on skill – which Bethesda recently highlighted on their website – is definitely why I’m still playing original Doom WADs in 2015 on their highest available difficulty. Never stopping and making split-second decisions because there are too many enemies to predict long-term; playing aggressively being the only option when things get tougher – that’s what it’s all about.

Other than id’s aversion to actually showing me the damn video game, I’m very excited. Doom’s releasing in Spring of next year and the beta is coming very soon.