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The Fall 2016 Battle Pass comes to Dota 2

Fall 2016 Dota 2 Battle Pass

Dota 2’s Fall 2016 Battle Pass has landed, offering up a bunch of new quests to test and challenge you as a player, sharpening your Dota skills throughout autumn. 

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Available for $7.99, you can grab a Battle Pass and take part in new quests, or perhaps even win some wagers to get those sweet Battle Points. All the while you’ll be increasing your Battle Level and unlocking rewards and treasures as the season goes on.

Head to the Dota 2 client to have a preview of the Fall 2016 Battle Pass now, if you want.

Weekend Battle Cup also returns for the fall season, bringing another round of eight-team weekly tournaments. Take part in the single-elimination bracket each Saturday to try win exclusive rewards and levels. To help you out, Valve have also built a party builder too, so you can team up with like-minded players. Battle Pass owners can take part to earn achievements and raise their Battle Cup scores. We love Battle [random words] around here.

If you prove your worth during Battle Cup tournaments, you could end up competing in the exclusive Champions Cup at the end of the season. “Tier-8 Champions Cup winners will even be eligible to form a team with other tier-8 winners to compete in one of four Spring Major Battle Cup Qualifiers, with the winners receiving invites to play in the Spring Major Regional Qualifiers,” say Valve.

Check the Battle Cup FAQ inside the client to learn more about the Champions Cup and subsequent rewards.

“Today’s update also includes the addition of the Items section in the Learn menu,” Valve add. “Now the descriptions, stats, and recipes of every item in the fountain, secret, and side shops are available to view inside of the Dota 2 client.”

Another update is planned at the end of the season, December 12.