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Dota 2 is no more, long live Dota 2 Reborn


And that’s your lot Source 1, thanks for all you’ve done but you are no more. Source 2 has trampled your corpse into the digi-dust and replaced Dota’s client with the Reborn client, which features a brand new pretty-much-everything other than in-game changes. In characteristic Valve style, the move was announced via Twitter a few hours ago and has now been finalised. If you boot Dota 2, you should be greeted by the new client.

What’s odd about this, beyond the lack of fanfare or it partnering with the large post-TI patch everyone expects, is it might not really be ready. There are still complaints from some about big FPS drops over the old client, and even their own blog post said it was meant to be in the next few days rather than, well, right now. The switch occured while The Defense was airing, on Danish television no less. It will be interesting to see in the coming days, with 12 million players a month worth of strain now on the new client, if it manages to hold up.

Beyond the obvious changes to the menu and big update to the engine itself, there’s a number of other, stranger changes in Reborn. Here’s what opening an item looks like now:

Majestic. It’s also introduced the level and trophy system and via Reddit, here’sall the icons you can earn as you go up.

Of course, the other major addition to Reborn is custom games. The dream, of course, is that someone will be able to make the next Dota inside Dota, but for now we’ve detailed all the best early efforts.