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IG, Virtus.pro and TNC among first-round winners in Dota 2’s Kiev Major group stage

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The Kiev Major 2017, the latest major tournament in the world of Dota 2 esports, has just kicked off. Group contests today and tomorrow will decide the seedings for the main event, and the results of the first round have just come in.

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The results of round one are as follows:

  • Invictus Gaming (IG) beat Mousesports two games to none;
  • Team Secret beat Team VGJ two games to none;
  • Virtus.pro beat Team Faceless two games to none;
  • TNC Pro Team beat Evil Geniuses two games to none;
  • Digital Chaos beat Newbee two two games to none;
  • Team Random beat iG Vitality two to one;
  • OG beat SG esports two to one;
  • Thunderbirds beat Team Liquid two to one.

Round one divides the teams into two groups, with winners playing other winners in the ‘high’ group, and the same in the ‘low’ group of losing teams. Hence, the draw for the second round looks like this:

  • IG versus OG;
  • Team Secret versus Digital Chaos;
  • Virtus.pro versus Team Random;
  • TNC Pro Team versus Thunderbirds;
  • Team Liquid versus SG esports;
  • iG Vitality versus Team VGJ;
  • Newbee versus mousesports;
  • Evil Geniuses versus Team Faceless.

After the second round, the division splits into three groups: teams with two wins, teams with a win and a loss, and teams with two losses. Each team is drawn a new opponent from their group, with winners of the high group given the highest playoff seedings, and the losers of the low group given the lowest. The second-highest and second-lowest seedings are then determined by a fourth round, contested only by teams who haven’t scored three wins or three losses.

After the group stages wrap up tomorrow, all teams will have a short break before the main event playoffs, which will run from April 27 and culminate in the grand final on April 30, this Sunday.

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