Dota 2’s Compendium expands with new ways to earn points and levels

The Compendium

Dota 2’s latest update is offering players a couple of new ways to level up and earn points for their Compendium, the MOBA’s challenge generating, prize pool funding, fantasy betting book thinger that turns your match predictions for The International tournament into points and prizes and unique and highly desirable rewards.

I hope you comprehendium, this thing called a Compendium.

Purchases of this year’s Compendium have contributed towards a current tournament prize pool of over $8 million, and this latest update promises to give Compendium owners more potential bang for their sunken buck. Here’s the blog post detailing the update, just in case you don’ttrust me to get the next few paragraphs exactly accurate.

Firstly, the Ten Hero Challenge is back. This challenge will cough up a grand total of 4.5 Compendium levels to players who can win matchmaking games with a selection of heroes. Can you guess how many heroes? It is ten.

Secondly you’ve got the celebrated return of Item Recycling, which ploops out a modest 25 points towards a Compendium level for every ten items you recycle. You’ll also get a Charm of the Crucible Jewel II for being such an environmentally aware Dota player.

The rest of it I can scarcely understand, to be quite honest with you. Any extra TI5 Compendium Immortals you’ve got in your pockets can be traded in for two additional Compendium Levels. Okay! TI5 Compendium Immortals. Got it.

Essentially, your little Compendium is rapidly filling up with more opportunities to earn points and levels, and you should definitely go check it out if yours is looking a little deflated at the moment.

You can check out the Compendium stretch goal progress and the current prize pool right here.