The next Valve Dota Major will finally grace CIS region in April, Kiev rejoices

Kiev Major 2017 Dota 2

Valve’s Major system for seasonal Dota 2 tournaments has only been going for a year and a bit, but a decent portion of the playerbase has not let it slip that they’ve yet to get one on their region’s home soil. Well, until now.

You can bet Ukraine will be host to some of the best Dota 2 players next April.

The next Major of the 2016/17 Dota season will be held in Kiev (or Kyiv, if you want to use Ukraine’s official romanisation for their capital city) in April of next year. It will be the third Major hosted by tournament organisers PGL after phenomenally successful stints on the production side of the Boston and Manila Majors, as well as being behind The International.

The Kiev Major is also set to be the last Major of the year under Valve’s new “Two Majors and an International” structure (idea stolen after Gabe mistakenly watched Two Men and a Baby) which should mean less team scrambling and longer periods of settled bliss for those who have to follow the scene and remember who is wearing which shirt. It also means a drastically reduced chance of another Shanghai happening and the firing of an entire production company.

To whet your appetites for the fun awaiting on April 20-23 2017, here’s the teaser trailer PGL put together while they’re still finishing up the Boston Major. There’s still the semi-finals to go, the mad lads!