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Dota 2 streamer SirActionSlacks just got married on Twitch

siractionslacks twitch wedding

If you weren’t already convinced that 2017 is the dystopian future we were always dreading, this news may just be the confirmation you’ve been waiting for. Jake Kanner, better known as Dota 2 personality SirActionSlacks, got married this week and he streamed the ceremony on Twitch.

Slacks isn’t in our list of the best Dota 2 players, but he’s got bigger concerns at the moment.

Slacks polled his Twitter followers at the beginning of the week to ask if the wedding should be streamed, and confirmed it would be a few days later.

So, with millions invited to digitally attend, the event itself took place just last night. The whole thing was live, from guests getting seated to the ceremony itself, and the reception that followed. The archive is up for viewing if you’re inclined to see for yourself, though Twitch’s content ID will prevent you from hearing all of the music choices. A shame, really. But hey, you can still see the couple’s first dance, as well as Slacks’ mom setting the floor on fire.

Despite the potential nightmares that come with having thousands of strangers watching one of the biggest moments in someone’s life, the whole thing went pretty well. The chat mostly showed its support through an array of weeping Isaacs, and only occasionally became the messy pit that Twitch is often known as.

I’m definitely not prepared for this future in which folks are broadcasting their life’s most precious moments to the internet, but screw it, this is a wedding and I can’t stay negative about it. Best wishes to the new Mr. and Mrs. Slacks, but don’t feel obligated to invite us to any future anniversary celebrations.