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Warhammer arrives in Dota 2 Workshop as fantasy singularity approaches

Dota 2 Warhammer Workshop

In another move signifying the continuing cross-pollination of fantasy RPG universes the Dota 2 Workshop is now accepting Warhammer-themed contributions.

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Weapons and armour sets from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe will now be allowed on Valve’s user-submitted and user-voted marketplace of cosmetic items to add to the MOBA.

A selection of the most popular designs taken from Games Workshop’s originally tabletop miniature designs will be added to a treasure for purchase in-game.

Submissions will be taken until 10am PDT on August 22, with the treasure arriving on the Dota 2 store September 1.

“Because Warhammer’s aesthetics are similar in spirit to much of the Dota universe, we are looking forward to seeing all the content that Dota 2 Workshop artists create for fans in both communities,” Valve wrote in the announcement today.

As an additional cross-bridge of brand synergy, anyone pre-purchasing Total War: Warhammerthrough Steam –due out on May 24 – will receive one of the treasures upon its September release.