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[Updated] Dota 2 not yet playable without a beta key


Update: The only part of the Dota 2 that Steam users can see is the tutorial. Not the full game. This unfortunately doesn’t mean it’s entirely accessible yet to those without a key.

Not that it’s much of a big deal: I have had about twenty million keys to give away since I started playing, but this is in lieu of DOTA 2 launching officially before the International tournament, which is in August, so not long to wait. If you are new to Dota 2, now’s the time to get on Steam, give the interactive tutorial a prod, and see what all the fuss is about.

Updated: According to Cyborg Matt, no dice:

Gosu Gamers reports that the Dota 2 trailer shows for new players before their game loads (which is possibly to make new players feel even more terrified of their impending gank-based doom) but not much has changed besides the ability to log in without someone giving you a key.

Here’s the typically Valve-excellent official Dota 2 trailer, in case you’ve been asleep for the past million years and are not familliar with that ringing soundtrack or Drow promptly murdering everyone in the vicinity.

Some sillyperson at the bottom of that trailer on Youtube has helpfully explained that ‘bitches’ are what a hero needs. I do agree though, everyone does need some sort of courier for their stuff, it may as well be a golden retriever or something.