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Dota 2 is coming to Korea via Nexon


It looks like Dota 2 is finally coming to Korea according to a page from mega publisher, Nexon. Information is pretty scant, but it’s clear the number thirteen is of importance. Could we see Dota 2 in Korea on the 13th? Maybe it’s a countdown to the 24th? Either way, Koreans are set to invade from their own servers soon.

The page also has a QR code that leads to a Korean version of the Dota 2 trailer:

Make no mistake, nothing has stopped Koreans from playing Dota 2. With a local publisher and servers behind their back, however, it means they will be better supported than ever.

How exactly Dota 2 will do against the mammoth cult following of League of Legends is unclear. But if any game was to have a crack at it, this is the one.