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Dota 2 at Dreamhack - day two highlights


What a day for Dota 2 at Dreamhack. Every single best of three hasn’t gone beyond the second game. The teams at Dreamhack know how to capitalize perfectly on their first victory, sealing the deal in the second game. And while big names have been knocked out, the upstarts from No Tidehunter continue to blow our minds.

It’s hard to single out any specific game or team today, because every game deserves watching. The level of play was so high it was hard to keep up, and were not even at the final yet. Here are some highlights.

Match of the day: Na’Vi vs EG (Game 1)
Sven has made it back to the pro scene of Dota in full swing. After the patch changes in 6.75 buffed him, he has become a near unstoppable machine in the late game. EG knew exactly that and built their team around him. The vacuum + cleave combo dominates even in the early and mid game. It really shone however once Fear got a Deadalus, giving his already high damage the ability to crit. The game ended with an amazing ultra kill by Sven, with as Tobi stated, “one cleave to rule them all”.
Team of the day: We Haz Asian
Even though We Haz Asian was knocked out today, they put up a hell of a fight. Their first game against FnaticRaidCall was pretty close, the Magnus + Refresher swung it. Their second game wasn’t as glorious, lasting only seventeen minutes. Regardless however they showed great sportsmanship all the way through the tournament. I’m sure we will see them again soon.
Player of the day: @EmpireFunn1k
A close runner up for match of the day was Team Empire vs Team Dignitas, purely because of Funn1k’s domination with Clinkz. A hero that becomes deadly at assassinating targets once he gets an Orchid of Malevolence, poor Gyrocopter and Dark Seer were sheep for slaughter. If you want to check out how to rock Clinkz in Dota, you need to watch this guy.
Tomorrow, watch out for….
The final of course. No Tidehunter vs Evil Geniuses for the grand prize, it’s going to be a game to remember. Personally I hope No Tidehunter wins it, because they have done so incredibly well to make it this far. But another side of me respects the consistent high level of play from EG. I keep going over Fear’s ultra kills in my head over and over and over.
Dreamhack is ongoing: you can check out the current DOTA 2 stream here. We’ll be rounding up all the weekends action so stay tuned.