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Dota 2 Halloween-themed map uncovered


‘Batflaps’ sounds like the sort of insult I imagine might be floating about British playgrounds in 2012, but in fact is the name of a sound file embedded deep in this week’s Dota 2 patch. Alongside evidence of coffins, gravestones, lamps, pumpkins and webs, Batflaps forms the crux of a pretty conclusive case for an incoming Halloween version of the map.

The lot was unearthed by the ever-diligent Cyborg Matt, who predicts that the map will launch with an event featuring ‘eggs’ – to be “infused” with some sort of “essence” – which were also mentioned in the data strings of Wednesday’s update.

The idea might be new to Dota, but not to Valve, who are crowdsourcing TF2 Halloween ideas this year.

Below is the pick of Matt’s Autumnal haul, to be placed in evidence, featuring All Hallow’s Eve’s trademark squash.

Very fetching, I’m sure you’ll agree- both deathly and decorative.Will you be logging in to see what happens come the end of the month?