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Dota 2 International prize fund hits $5million, unlocks new 1v1 game mode

Dota 2 International Qualifiers

The prize pool for Dota 2’s International 2014 tournament has been going crazy this week, increasing by $2.50 for every Compendium purchased. Clearly a lot of people have been buying the Compendium, with the kitty now containing over $5,000,000. This golden milestone also unlocks a new game mode for everyone: 1 versus 1. 

The International 2014 prize pool $5m

The new mode offers matchmaking for single-combat Dota, fought right down the centre lane with no distractions. Consider it the ultimate test of your Dota combat prowess. And the mode is unlocked for not just Compendium owners, but everyone.

The rate of increase on the prize pool has been incredible. On Sunday the meter stood at around $3,000,000, meaning in just four days we’ve piled $2million into the pot. That’s around 800,000 Compendiums purchased since Sunday. You guys sure do love The International, huh?

The 1v1 matches won’t be available just yet, as the mode is still under construction. The Compendium website promises it will be delivered “soon”.