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Dota 2 patch lets you create your own eSports team; wave your flag


The latest Dota 2 patch to hit the test client this morning introduces the long awaited ability to create official teams within the client. Professional teams have had access to this for some time, being able to mark their bases in colourful logos/sponsors and display them in tournaments such as The International. Now thousands of Dota teams can show their colours on the battlefield and forever burn their names into the enemies mind.

Teamwork is essential in Dota. If even one player underperforms it can have a great affect on your chances of winning, and potentially waste an hour of your teams time. Eventually however you find some people you click with and you begin playing regularly with them. All things going well you might make something permanent out of it and create a team.
At the new ‘Team’ tab in the Dota 2 test client (soon to go live tomorrow) you can choose to create your team. Once created you can start inviting players from your friends list, add team details and upload your team’s emblem to decorate your base while in-game.
It’s a step in the right direction considering how hard Valve are pushing Dota 2 to the frontline of e-sports. Just in time as well for this years Dreamhack Winter, where hundreds of teams will compete in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) tournaments for a chance to face the pros on the main stage.