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DOTA 2 pirate translation, yar’ll like this


After two years o’ hard translation, th’ scurvy dogs o’er at th’ Steam Translation Ser’er be havin’ completely rewritten th’ game into our mother tongue o’ Sea dog speak.

Th’ tale o’ the’r adventure an’ th’ download details be after th’ break.

It started simply, th’ team o’ volunteer translators – who translate all o’ Valve`s games an’ software into 25 different languages – began work on a “demonstrational language” pack, but th’ work nerestopped. Whilst workin’ on all the’r other translations, th’ team kept addin’ t’ an’ alterin’ th’ text on display in th’ game. Two year on, an’ after a demo be released a year ago, the’r work be finished. Check ‘t ou’ fer yourselves:

You can download th’ pack fromherebut make sure ye go o’er t’ th’Steam Community pagean’ tell th’ team what ye think o’ the’r work.

Th’ language will default t’ English after ever’ patch but jus’ re-install ‘t t’ get ‘t aft t’ what ‘t ortin’ ta be.

Th’ team be also hard at work o’ a swashbuckler version o’ Team Fortress 2.