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Dota 2 Polycount contest asks artists to create a whole new item set for a hero


Valve and Polycount have teamed up again, this time putting together a competition to create a Dota 2 item set. Entrants will need to pick a hero and design, model, and texture the entire set of items before the closing date on 19 November.

More details below.

As a free-to-play game, Dota 2’s money will be made on its item sets. Valve are selling cosmetic kit through its store in a moneymaking scheme akin to its Team Fortress 2 model. That includes letting anyone submit their own models to the store through the Steam Workshop and receive royalty payments from sales.

Previously, Polycount and Valve ran a Team Fortress 2 contest. Artists around the globe entered and the winners found their creations making their way into the store for purchase. It made them all a lot of money too. The same ‘prize’ is up for grabs here, no actual loot but your creation goes into the store and there’s the potential for it to make you money through sales.

The full list of rules is available over on Polycount’s sitebut there are a few no brainers, don’t use copyrighted material and stick to the full set of guidelines (this includes designing your kit for a hero on their selected list and not just picking anyone at random).

We’ll be reporting on the winners when they’re announced on 3 December.