Dota 2 puts up the decorations for Frostivus

Dota2 Frostivus

Due to the intervention of dirty green fiends, Dota 2 players had to go without the winter celebration of Frostivus last year. Valve must have put some kind of preventative measures in place this time around though, since Frostivus 2013 is a-go-go. 

Last year, in a Dr. Suess-like turn of events, Frostivus made way for The Greevilling update and game mode, foregoing the festive cheer for misery. This year the roaring fires are back though, and the warm winter coats pulled up all snuggly. Check the Frostivus website and you’ll even see a Greevil with a nail punched through its skull, so we can assume there will be no crying children this years in Dotaville.

Promises for this year include Wreath-Night: the longest night of the year where one collects berries and twists them together to create gifts for family and friends. Quite how this translates as a game mechanic is anyone’s guess, but perhaps this lies in some kind of crafting system? Like, say, socketing?

The season is also the time of Givening, and Valve are promoting the gifting of Dota 2 items in this season of well-wishes. Perhaps now it’s time to provide your lane partner with that sword they’ve always wanted.

No official dates yet, but be assured: Frostivus is coming!