Dota 2 treasure chests no longer hold duplicate items

Valve Dota 2

Don’t you hate it when you’ve spent weeks tracking down a treasure chest, cursing the drunken pirate who inaccurately scrawled an ‘x’ on your laptop screen when you showed him a Google Gaps view of the area, only to find it contains a Tigger mug – the exact same Tigger mug you already owned!

Valve hate that, too. That’s why they’re changed the chests in Dota 2 to stop them giving duplicate rewards. Plus, there are lovely bonuses thrown into the mix.

“From now on, you will no longer have a chance to receive a duplicate item from opening a treasure multiple times; each time you unseal a treasure, you will find a different item,” wrote Valve.

“In addition to ensuring you won’t receive the same item twice, each time you unlock a treasure you will also have a chance to obtain bonus rewards. Bonus rewards are granted in addition to an item found inside a treasure, and some treasures feature multiple bonuses. This means you could gain two or more items each time you open a treasure!”

This could have a bit of a knock on effect for the Dota 2 marketplace, though. Usually you’d simply take a duplicate item over to the store and sell it there to make a little cash for your Steam Wallet. Now, with every item being unique compared to what you already own, the collector in you may want to keep a hold of what you found.

That might be just me, though. I’ll never part with my Winnie the Pooh mugs. Never.