Exodus at Own3d.tv as gaming teams switch streaming platforms


High profile Dota 2 pro gaming team NaVi has left video streaming company Own3d.tv and moved over to its competitor Twitch.tv, a further indicator of troubled times at Own3d.tv.

They join the growing number of gamers abandoning the streaming platform.

Just last week prominent League of Legends streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell ditched Own3d claiming he could “barely afford food” with the money he was receiving for his contracted coverage. And claimed that he had not been paid since July, saying “I don’t believe I will ever be paid for the last 5 months I streamed with them.”

The news of NaVi’s departure was broken by redditor Malibu, he spotted that PGG, a regular NaVi streamer, had a video feed operating on Twitch. Listed members were a number of NaVi members, all of whom were previously exclusive to Own3d.

PGG later confirmed that the team was making the platform shift en masse.

Other notable streamers to leave the service are PHant0mL0rd and Team Liquid’s Tranceh. Tranceh also says that SingSing is currently trying to extricate himself from his Own3d contract to move to Twitch.tv.

This all signals less than good times for Own3d.tv.