iG celebrate their Dota 2 International win with a massive party thrown by their billionaire owner


Wang Sicong, owner of Invictus Gaming and son of the 11th richest man in China, Wang Jianlin, is more than a little pleased with his team winning this year’s International, and decided to throw them a party in celebration. And when you’re the son of the 11th richest man in China, that means you’re going to make it a proper party. With balloons and probably even a clown.

Or just a table full of ridiculously expensive electronics to raffle off to the attendees, and then a banquet dinner, along with some sort of massive musical performance. I reckon that’d probably do it too. A bunch of pictures from the party have shown up on reddit, and then there’s some footage from Chinese television of the event.

And they deserve it, too, iG managed to beat the best Dota 2 teams in the world over the course of a week in Seattle, taking on Na’Vi in the final and beating them three games to one. Their Dota is strong, even if they did lose to Na’Vi in the semi finals. They figured out how to beat the Ukrainian team, and they did it with strength and poise.
And now they get a massive party. I wish I had a massive party.