Irrefutable proof that Dota is more fun in Korean

Dota 2

Here on the site we like a bit of white space. Look at it there, stretched out in thick wads down both sides of this post. Yawning pits of serenity between the colour and the noise. 

Broadcasting is very different, or so we’re told: all about filling dead air with yammering for yammering’s sake. If this pair of Dota 2 shoutcasters are anything to go by, the Koreans get around it by making short words very long and very exciting.

The footage comes from this weekend’s International grand finals, and is the best possible way to relive Alliance’s pulverisation of a fractured Na’Vi in the last moments of the match.

What was your favourite moment in the final day of the tournament? By all means flick back through Nick’s Dota 2 International liveblog before answering in the comments.