Latest Dota 2 patch has “embarrassing lack of content”, beards


Those are Valve’s self-deprecating words, on the embarassment and the content, rather than sheer rudeness on our part. We don’t really do rudeness at PCGamesN. What we do do is beards, especially when they’re as finely kempt and stylistically highlighted as the Beastmaster’s here.

As revealed in a detailed breakdown by Cyborg Matt, ongoing texture updates for older heroes continue with Enchantress in this week’s patch. Herportrait has now been updated, andwe likely won’t see further aesthetic changes coming her way for a while. The aforementioned Beastmaster, meanwhile, is now ready and primed for cosmetic items.

Other changes include updates to a number of hero ability icons – namely those belonging to Leshrac, Morphling, and Pudge – and some minor UI tweaks.

The latter sees the renaming of team captains to ‘team admins’, the addition of a few more control groups, and a new layout for the team management page:-

All of which sounds, well, not insignificant, laid out in one place like that. Certainly not embarrassing. What do you think?