Moscow 5 disbands; two members to stay on to form new team


Mark “March3llo” Averbukh announced today through Moscow 5’s site that the Dota team would be disbanding, leaving two of the original members to form a new team.

Details after the break.

All quotes translated through Google Translate, which isn’t ideal. So particulars of the language and tonemay be off.

“Today, Moscow 5 announces that the current structure of the discipline DotA2 disbanded,” wrote Averbukh on the team’s site, “Recall that the team was formed in March 2012 and for the past few months, the results of her performance is getting worse.In connection with this manual Moscow 5 sees no other solution but to refuse further cooperation with this lineup, but notes that two players have received an offer to stay and become the basis for a new team.”

If we read between the lines of this hack of a translation. Moscow 5 results have been deteriorating since it formed in March, as a result of it poor standings the team is being disbanded, save for two members.

He goes on to write that “Our organization will make every effort to create a new composition [team]in the shortest possible time.”

Averbukh cites a number of reasons for the teams poor performance: he says he had to “beg” for his team to conduct interviews or “conduct any activities associated with the fans”, and that “The team were given good conditions for training, but instead of hard preparatory process players accepted their presence on the basis of M5, as a vacation.”

He also apologises to the team’s fans for the team’s “poor result at The International 2 and unsportsmanlike conduct in the match againstLGD.”

We’ll update you with further information as it becomes available.