mTw clears its Dota 2 roster, only syndereN remains


After a disappointing showing during the International a few weeks ago where they didn’t manage to make it past the first stage of the tournament, mTw has decided to clear the roster of its Dota 2 team, leaving behind only SyndereN, the captain. There’s an official statement on the team’s page, but it seems like that’s only half the story.

mTw’s performance at The International was an odd one, given they’d just come from beating Na’Vi (who ended up taking second place at TI2) at Dreamhack in an impressive run of excellent drafting and teamwork plays. To then only grab three wins in the group stage, and not make it past the very first step of the tournament stage was disappointing to say the least, and didn’t seem at all in keeping with their previous performance.
In his statement about the break, Troels ‘syndereN’ Nielsen, the team’s captain, stated “It is a mutual desire for all players to not continue in the same team – it became increasingly apparent during the last many weeks leading up to The International 2 that our team would not last because of interpersonal issues, lack of trust and focus.” Given that syndereN gave up the role of drafter halfway through the tournament, this theory holds water, and seems like a mighty shame given it was easily the biggest tournament of the year.
As for the future, syndereN has been charged with putting together a new team, although for the moment Titouan ‘Sockshka’ Merloz has been representing the team at Starladder with a few stand ins, just so they don’t get a disqualify. However neither Sockshka, Sebastien ‘7kingMad’ Debs or Thubault ‘Funzii’ Calonne have stated where they intend to go from here. Rene ‘Kebap’ Werner will be going to mousesports.