Na’Vi CEO goes back to school to explain recent drama


It’s been a hectic couple of days for Na’Vi. Here’s a catchup: first ARS-ART leaves and is replaced by Funn1k from Team Empire. The very next day LighTofHeaveN, announces he is to go inactive, himself being replaced by none other than the captain of rival team Mousesports, KuroKy. 

There are questions are behind each of these decisions; why did Na’Vi decide to replace their squad members? Did disagreements or bad blood factor in on the decision? Why Funn1k and KuroKy? And what can we learn about Na’Vi’s future? 

All are answered by Alexander Kokhanovsky, CEO of Na’Vi, in this unusual video. Check it out after the break.

I swear that Alexander must of walked a good mile with all that pacing, but maybe he’s just too excited for the new Na’Vi’s future prospects.

A future that still remains uncertain.