Valve introduce The International Interactive Compendium: 25% of cost goes to prize pool


Valve want to guide you through this years International with the introduction of The International Interactive Compendium. It’s a fancy virtual book that is host to a wide range of functions including betting on matches, MvP polls, up to date results/fixtures. Buying it will make you eligible for special item drops throughout the tournament. What’s more interesting is that Valve are adding 25% of all sales to the already gargantuan 1.6 million dollar prize pool, making the worlds biggest Dota 2 tournament just that little bit bigger.

A blog post broke the news, with only five hours to go until tickets for The International are set to go on sale. Speaking of tickets, every ticket purchase will come with a free compendium. Valve admit that the majority of their fans watch The International over the internet, and the Interactive Compendium is their way of getting those fans more involved with the action.

So what do you get with this flashy book?

Well you can predict the outcome of matches to show your friends that you really are a wizard. You’ll be able to take a peek at your friends books to keep tabs on their predictions. Each match will present the community with a poll to vote their MvP of the match. Similar polls will also dictate who will feature in The International 2013 All Star team; ten players that will play in a showmatch for your viewing pleasure. Finally you can grab some special tournament cosmetics throughout the competition. One of those will be a exclusive courier that will dynamically change as you watch matches.

The International Interactive Compendium is set to go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 PDT at the Dota 2 Store.