Valve reverse Dota 2 update, leave non-functional items behind


Every family has a relation with a memory problem – one of the favourite tales in my own is that of the great-aunt or gruncle who attended to the fire with a full bladder and found themselves shovelling coal into the toilet bowl, ho ho – but only in the PCGamesN family of N games are they rewound to a earlier version as a consequence. That’s what’s happened to Dota 2 this morning after its new patch introduced a memory issue for players running the game on 32-bit Windows.

Update: The patch has now returned after a good telling off for all it’s mischief.

Dota’s latest update, for which no patch notes have yet been released, was originally deployed yesterday.

“Due to a memory issue when running on 32-bit Windows, we have decided to revert to the previous version of Dota 2,” said Valve developer Zoid this morning. “This has already occurred and you will need to patch again.”

The update included new items like the Pyrion Flax announcer and HUD skins, and some might still be visible in your in-game backpack as useless future-husks missing icons, text, or both. Zoid promises they’ll function as expected once Valve re-ship the new update.

“We will continue working towards shipping this update as soon as possible,” he wrote. “Thank you for your patience and enjoy the game!”

Have you been left with the shell of an item you’ve never formally met in your backpack?