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You can link your Twitch account to Steam and earn Dota 2 things


The jittery chaps over at the Twitch blog have updated the streaming site’s relationship status with Steam to read: It’s Complicated, But Kinda Hot With It. Dota 2 fans can now link accounts of the two services together for a better chance of picking up prizes mid-match.

Linked viewers will be eligible for tournament item drops while watching Twitch streams, as long as they own a ticket for that event.

“No longer will you have to to choose between watching events on either DotaTV or Twitch, and risk missing out on your in-game rewards,” point out Twitch. “We’re excited to see what the future holds for Twitch and Steam.”

In the latest Dota 2 blog, meanwhile, Valve explain their thinking.

“We realize that people have different reasons why they prefer to watch in game or via streams and wanted to bridge the gap of features they were missing out on by choosing the service that works for them the most,” they write. “We hope to expand on the features available via this system and would love to hear what you think we should work on next.”

Head to the ‘Connections’ page of your Twitch account settings to tie the two together.

This week’s Dota update also implements those new tutorials we’ve been writing about. Have you had a play around with them yet?