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You can now sell your spare Dota 2 invites on the Steam Marketplace


It’s possible you’ve read about Dota here on the site and wandered haplessly about the internet attempting to buy it, without success. Because while Valve have been chucking invites onto the various doormats of the internet like a lazy paperboy for months now, the game isstill in beta. If you’ve been unlucky enough to miss the rush, you won’t have been able to play at all.

All of that’s at an end now that Dota 2 invites can be sold in the Steam community market.

At the time of writing, the Marketplace is flooded with listings at negligible prices, so there’s a very good chance you can pick up a beta key for $0.03 USD or thereabouts.

If you haven’t played Dota yet, it looks like you’ll soon be in the minority. Recent Valve stats showed that three million Dota players log on every month. Furthermore, about 100,000,000 games had been played to date. That’s loads, isn’t it?

Thanks, Cyborg Matt.