Double Fine’s Dropchord shows off what’s possible with PC motion controllers


Dropchord is a rhythmic score-attack game – the sort of visually-fuzzy, mechanically-precise affair you might expect from Rob ‘RetroRemakes’ Fearon or Brian Wilson’s EEG scan results. It comes from Double Fine – specifically the division behind Kinect Part and Double Fine Happy Action Theater – and looks like the sort of lovely a post-Super Hexagon world needs.

It’s also the first good reason to look long and hard at finger-based Minority-Report-made-flesh device Leap Motion as a serious gaming proposition.

The Leap Motion controller is, to my mind, a more narrowly-focused and evidently useful Kinect. Its camera tracks hands and fingers in 3D real-time down to one-hundredth of a millimetre, at up to 290 frames a second. It’s open for pre-ordering from May 13 at a not-cheap $79.99 price point.

Dropchord’s debut trailer shows nothing of its use via Leap’s thingummy, but clearly necessitates the sort of frantic precision Kinect can’t really muster.

It’ll be playable at PAX East, and is coming out on PC and Mac later this year. I’m not convinced it’ll stay Leap-exclusive – an iOS touch version is in the works as we speak – but that’s certainly where it’ll be most exciting. Are you tempted, even in the slightest?

Thanks, Shacknews.