Doug TenNapel Kickstarts Armikrog, a new Neverhood-like claymation adventure


Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel is returning to his claymation days to bring us Armikrog, a point-n-click adventure made entirely of clay. If you remember The Neverhood, his wacky clay adventure from the 90s, you’ll know why your excitement levels should be in overdrive right now.

TenNapel has joined with Pencil Test Studios for this venture, which was set up by his old Neverhood buddies Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield. They’re looking for a hefty $900,000 for this project, but that’s an understandable figure considering every environment, character, and item has to be physically made from clay and then hand-animated.

Provided funding is successful, players will be taking control of Tommynaut, a space-man who travels with his blind alien dog Beak-Beak. Their ship crash lands and they end up locked inside a massive fortress known only as Armikrog.

Providing voicework for the game is Mystery Science Theatre’s Michael J. Nelson and Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder. More excitingly, Terry S. Taylor, the composer of The Neverhood’s original soundtrack, is back to compose for Armikrog.

The project is enormously exciting for me personally, since The Neverhood was the second game I ever played. Its insane plot, bastard-hard puzzles, and genius soundtrack mark it as one of the most unique gaming experiences of my life, and I’m exceptionally pleased to see a spiritual successor in the works. So even if it’s just to make me the happiest little games journalist on the planet, you should swing by Armikrog’s Kickstarter page and drop a donation. Or not, if hilarious point-n-click adventures aren’t your thing.

Thanks, VinsanityV22.