Dragon Age Keep lets you create save files for Dragon Age: Inquisition


If you’re anything like me then what with fleeing the country, regular explosions around the home, and aliens thieving all your stuff you’ll likely have lost a lot of save files over the years. Bioware are releasing something called Dragon Age Keep to solve that problem. It lets you create a save in which you can pick all the decisions your character will have made during a playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. You can then import this into Inquisition.

Of course, you don’t have to recreate your original playthrough. You can craft a whole new game path, one that you never had the chance to play yourself. With this tool in our hands we can really see just how different a world you can create with their games.

We can thank consoles for this nifty invention. Because Inquisition will be releasing on the next generation of consoles lots of players wouldn’t be able to transfer their saves to the new systems. Keep will allow you to create a save and store it on Bioware’s cloud servers. You can then load it into whatever version of Inquisition you play.

Bioware are keeping schtum about whether you’ll be able to import your actual save games from the previous games in the series.

You can sign up to test the beta version of Dragon Age Keep here. It’ll be released for everyone in 2014.

Cheers, PC Gamer.