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No, Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn’t have real-money loot boxes

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After some players got their hands on early copies of Dragon Ball FighterZ last week, some confusing terminology had people thinking the game would let you purchase loot box-style items for real money. Turns out, that’s not the case. DBFZ does feature items that can give you random rewards, but they can only be purchased with in-game currency.

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In Dragon Ball FighterZ, online lobbies are populated by customizable player avatars, similar to Arc System’s recent Guilty Gear titles. You can get new cosmetic items for your avatar through random drops Z capsules, including looks, costumes, and colors. These are typically purchased with Zeni, which is a currency earned by playing the game.

The confusion comes in because you can also purchase these capsules with Premium Z Coins, which guarantees that an item you don’t already have will drop. “Premium” sure makes it sound like a currency you might pay for, but no - Z Coins only drop when you get a duplicate item, and can’t be purchased with real money.

“Zeni can only be earned through gameplay,” Bandai Namco communication director Denny Chiu tells Kotaku, and “there is no way to purchase Zenni with real currency.”

So Dragon Ball FighterZ does feature loot boxes of a sort, but they’re the mostly innocuous variety that are the exclusive realm of in-game currency. That’s certainly subject to change if Bandai Namco change their minds about the game’s monetization in the future, but for now you’ve got no need to worry.

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The Chimpy Man avatarCursedNaruto avatar
The Chimpy Man Avatar
4 Months ago

So, basically it's a reskin of Guilty Gear Xrd's fishing pool - get in-game coins through bopping people, then spend them on random cosmetic colours and icons and other such gubbins. That's not so bad.

CursedNaruto Avatar
4 Months ago

well this is the 1st bargain bin dbz game for me shame cause I like the Statue but f off bandai out of the last 5 games collector's Edition's it's been ssj goku statues, xenoverse 2 or this one would be nice as battle damaged ssj 3 or ssgss blue