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This is Dragon Ball FighterZ, except now Frieza is covered in pictures of Nicolas Cage

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Listen, it’s been a long time since we saw the skin of “Macho Man” Randy Savage stretched over the skeletons of Skyrim’s dragons. I know it’s tough to be impressed by wacky mods for your favorite games. But consider this: Frieza, except his purple bits have been replaced by pictures of Nicolas Cage.

Speaking of, look back at some of the best Skyrim mods.

Some people look at videogames and ask “why?” Others look at them to ask “why not?” This is, of course, an attempt to tie Dragon Ball FighterZ into the lore of one of Cage’s defining works, with Face/Off being the tale of how Nic’s face is an entity to be transplanted onto a variety of new hosts.

Okay, no, actually this is just an attempt by modder OniFox to experiment with how FighterZ would handle loading a custom 4K texture, opening the door to more substantial projects in the future. Either way, I’d like to heartily thank Kotaku for bringing this one to our attention. The list of FighterZ mods is still developing, but given its immense popularity relative to other fighting games on PC, we’re likely in for some good ones.

One of the fun work-in-progress mods, noted by PC Gamer, converts Gohan into either Sonic or Super Sonic, depending on whether or not you want your hedgehogs going Super Saiyan. It’s a collaborative product between BeatzYT3, SirGiygas, NibrocRock, and _Mizumi, and it’s currently only publicly available as a YouTube video. The results are impressive, though, with Sonic looking surprisingly natural matched up in the DBFZ action.