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Dragon Ball FighterZ story trailer shows a new character who the internet’s already horny for

dragon ball fighterz story trailer android 21

There are at least two things you can count on from the internet: hype over upcoming games and an unremitting font of horniness. The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer has been, uh, pleasing to both sides of the internet.

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Ostensibly, it sets the stakes for the game’s story mode, with lots of explosions and familiar characters falling over and a very post-Inception soundtrack. But really, the thing everyone’s focused on is Android 21 – that lab coat and glasses sporting lady – who’s a brand new character with Toriyama-approved design.

I wouldn’t have thought much of it if I hadn’t made the mistake of looking at the Youtube comments, but boy, people are into Android 21, and they’ve developed the hots for her at a rate I haven’t seen since 2B. Get ready for your social media feed of choice to be filled by thirsty Dragon Ball fans any moment now.

Android 21 isn’t officially part of the playable roster just yet, but at this point I’d be surprised if she wasn’t confirmed, potentially as DLC. Dragon Ball FighterZ should be releasing sometime in 2018.