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Back 4 Blood meets Dead Island 2 in new Steam game you can try now

Dread Dawn is grabbing lots of attention for its mash-up of Dead Island 2, State of Decay, and Dead Rising's sandbox zombie action.

Popular new zombie game demo hits Steam: A soldier fires a gun at zombies in Dread Dawn.

There are plenty of zombie games out there. Players who like their undead mixed with a survival game can spend countless hours in State of Decay. Those who want to mow down giant mobs of shambling enemies are well served by the Dead Rising games. And anyone looking for RPG game systems and buckets of gore have Dead Island 2. Even with all of these options on the table, though, players still can’t seem to get enough undead apocalypses. Further evidence of this is the attention that upcoming sandbox zombie game Dread Dawn and its ongoing Steam demo have been garnering.

Dread Dawn is an open-world game from Kioop that sees players taking on huge waves of brain-eating freaks from a top-down perspective. It casts players as a student caught up in a quarantined city who’s set up a home base at their school and needs to defend it from a zombie outbreak along with other survivors.

Between blasting away at armies of the undead, the player has to venture out into the city to scavenge for supplies in abandoned prisons, hospitals, and more. The resources gathered during these excursions are used not just for fighting off enemies but also upgrading the school’s defenses, starting up an amateur farm to grow food, and trading with other people trying to survive the apocalypse.

Since its demo came out on Steam Next Fest, Dread Dawn’s YouTube trailer has attracted more than 361,000 views and its Steam followers have ballooned to 14,844. That demo is still available and you can try it out right here ahead of the game’s still-vague 2024 launch date.

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