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Duke Nukem 3D gets remade in Serious Sam 3, and the first five levels are out now

Modders have brought us the gift of a Duke Nukem 3D remake

Duke Nukem’s transition to the modern era with Duke Nukem Forever – if you can call 2011 ‘modern’ in videogame terms – turned out mediocre in even the most generous assessments. But there is an alternative if you need a little more 90s in your FPS-loving life. Serious Duke 3D is a remake of Duke 3D inside Serious Sam 3, and the game’s entire first episode is available now.

You’ll need to own Serious Sam 3 to play, but the entire collection is available on the Steam Workshop. The five levels – Hollywood Holocaust, Red Light District, Death Row, Toxic Dump, and The Abyss – cover all of Duke 3D’s introductory L.A. Meltdown episode. (It’s also playable in VR, if you have the appropriate edition of SS3.)

The remake offers up some changes to the original level designs, but they still hit the classic beats that you’ll remember. Some stages get new areas, and you’ll find some new weapons along the way. Enemy and weapon models are drawn from Duke Nukem Forever, but there are plenty of custom changes to make it all fit.

You can see more in the trailer below.

Those alien bastards will, indeed, pay for shooting up your ride.

Modder Syndroid says a full remake of the remaining levels is unlikely, but there’s already a lot to enjoy in the current release.