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Dune Awakening release date estimate, news, and trailers

Prepare yourself for a hard life on Arrakis in Dune Awakening, where you’ll get the chance to control the planet in this crafting MMO.

Dun Awakening: a man with short hair and a beard, with a tube going into his nose. The man has unnaturally blue eyes.

What is the Dune Awakening release date? They who control the Spice, control the universe. Anyone who has even briefly rubbed shoulders with the blockbuster book-and-now-profitable-movie series Dune will know that spice, and the desert planet of Arrakis, are central to many stories in that universe. And now, with Dune Awakening, it’ll be central to yours, too.

Dune Awakening is an open-world, crafting, survival MMO. That is a lot of descriptors, but Dune Awakening plans on merging them all, creating an experience for players to rival that of any established character in the sandy franchise. You’ll fight, harvest, craft, survive, and thrive on Arrakis. When is the Dune Awakening release date?

Dune Awakening: several dragonfly-type aircraft fly over a desert.

Dune Awakening release date estimate

There is no current release date set for Dune Awakening, although, with several closed beta having already been completed, with more on the way, we would hope that a 2024 window isn’t completely out of the question. Dune Awakening will be available on Steam, PS5, and the Xbox Series X|S.

The open beta signup for Dune Awakening is still available on their website. There is no date for this test, but for those eager to don their Stillsuit, we suggest signing up as soon as possible. The devs also suggest you join the Dune Awakening Discord here and create a beta profile to stand the best chance at playing the game early.

Anyone who does gain access to the closed beta tests will have to sign an NDA but will be in a prime position to give Funcom vital feedback to improve the game, and potentially make their mark on Arrakis before anyone else.

Dune Awakening: several soldiers run from a giant sandworm erupting from the ground.

What is Dune Awakening?

Dune Awakening is Funcom’s attempt at recreating the desert, spice-laden planet of Arrakis, from the book series and movie universe Dune. Creating a character, you must survive the inhospitable land by any means necessary, before deciding what heights you’ll aim for next.

The action takes place in third-person and takes cues from many other survival crafting games, only this time it’s with thousands of other players who can help, or hinder, your progress. You can strike out on your own, or attempt to establish a guild, growing it into a House Minor and forming an alliance with one of the bigger organizations.

Collect spice, avoid the sandworms as best you can, and rage against the machine… or be a part of it. Whatever works.

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Dune Awakening trailer

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. Those words ring true and must be abided by if you hope to stand any hope of survival. The announcement trailer gives us a taste of the dangers that lurk on Arrakis, the lengths you must go to survive, and how we can use the environment to our advantage in Dune Awakening.

That’s everything we know about Dune Awakening release date right now, but rest assured we’ll update this as soon as more information comes to light. If you’re after something to play while you wait, there has been a glut of survival games released recently, including the very lovely-looking Nightingale. If you want to know more, check out our Nightingale preview, and find out the Nightingale release date right here.