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Dungeonland beta sign-up now open


When we last talked to Paradox CEO Fred Wester half an age ago, he told us that the strategy publisher was broadening its portfolio. He was referring to games like Magicka, War of the Roses and this here Dungeonland – all action-focused, hack-and-slash generators that nonetheless possessed something of the essence of Paradox.*

Want to find out what that means? You can put your name down for Dungeonland’s beta from today.

Sign up and you’ll get your name in the beta tombola, and be guaranteed a unique in-game item once the game launches.

If selected, you’ll receive a beta key via email before December 2nd.

Here’s Dungeonland’s GDC trailer. It is narrated by the game’s villain, and contains a couple of high quality chuckle-prompts:

*One part pensive, two parts ludicrous.