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Free Steam keys: Expand your evil touch by winning one of 50 codes for Dungeons 3!

Dungeons 3

Everyone’s played Dungeon Keeper, haven’t they? We’re talking about the original 1997 game here, of course, not that dreadful 2014 remake for mobile. Begs the question, actually: where can you get your fix for designing the most dastardly dungeons these days? Dungeons 3 should fix you up nicely. 

The setup is as you should expect: you’re an evil Dungeon Lord who wants to spread their influence over as much of the world as possible. Headway was made in the first two Dungeons games, so in this third one you’re looking to make use of your new allydark elf priestess Thalyato expand your campaign against the overworld do-gooders to new lands.

What this means is that you’ll start off by bolstering your underground lair with rooms, traps, and structures, and then growing an army of orcs, succubae, zombies, and more grisly fiends. Once that’s done, you take them out into the sunlight above and smash up the heroes looking to save the world from your evil touch. Making this effort more exciting is that this is the first Dungeons game to have randomly generated levels – so you can replay and get new challenges each time.

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