Dwarf Fortress 0.42.01 update released, has usual patch note brilliance


Fantasy world-simulator Dwarf Fortress always has the best patch notes, as its intricately put together world both expands in detail and fixes horrendous bugs. That’s just as true in the latest update, 0.42.01, as anywhere. It came out just today and is available now, and it’s a big one, adding a whole different “flow” to fortressing.

After a simulation that isn’t quite so in-depth or dwarf-focused? The best ones available right here.

As always, it’s available for free on the official site. The patch is focused on various new types of occupation for dwarves and the areas they take place in. This includes temples and taverns for the first time, giving focused locations for praying ‘n’ drinking. Beyond that there’s performances and their various instruments, new non-dwarf citizens and a knowledge system for spreading information around the world and between people.

But what you’re really here for is out of context patch notes, so here we go:

  • Art forms are randomly generated for each civilization
  • Lots of historical figures that weren’t around from the beginning didn’t have deities when they were supposed to
  • Children play with toys now, and they can also play make believe

And my personal favourite:

  • Alcohol causes inebriation, erratic behavior, unconsciousness, death

Who says video games never teach us anything? Let us know if you’re a devoted player in the comments below.