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Dwarf Fortress heads to Patreon to build new funds

Dwarf Fortress Patreon

Zach and Tarn Adams of Bay 12 Games created Dwarf Fortress back in 2006, and since then the brothers have been continuing to add and create new content for the game through the use of donations from fans. But now the duo are taking a different approach to funding, and have headed to Patreon. 

The new Patreon page will allow fans to donate a set amount each month to the Adams’, meaning that they will be able to work with a predictable, regular income every month. Whilst the fan donations have allowed the brothers to work full-time on Dwarf Fortress since 2007, a Patreon income will no doubt settle any financial problems a standard donations system presents.

“Tarn gave up his job as a math professor to devote all of his energy to Dwarf Fortress, and contributions from our players are now our sole source of income,” says the Patreon post. “It’s great to be able to release games that everybody can try out free of charge. Help us continue to bring more fun to everybody!”

Pledging just $1.00 per month will net you the snazzy reward of a story by Threetoe or a crayon drawing. With that kind of enticement, I don’t know how anyone will resist.