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Behold, the most fabulous gaming chair ever created

This gaming chair is going to fly off the shelves

DXRacer Pink Kitty gaming chair

This gaming chair is going to fly off the shelves… ahem. DXRacer has put together a version of its pink kitty chair with massive, mechanised angelic wings sprouting out from the rear. And we want one… or five.

While logistically dreadful for our office, and potentially a fire hazard, the DXRacer chair is something to behold. At its core is the new pink kitty design from DXRacer, which features a giant cat face for the headrest. Purrfect. Sadly, the company reports this design is currently, and unsurprisingly, sold out. Stock will return at some point or another, and it’s considering pre-orders to gauge interest, too. My guess is there’s quite a lot.

The chair itself will set you back $399, but you’ll sadly have to mod the mechanised wings on yourself. The wings were actually modded onto the chair by the company’s Chinese headquarters to promote the launch, and while we can’t see behind the curtains to what makes it tick, it looks like they did a damn fine job doing so.

You can watch this wonderful creation in action in the tweet below.

DXRacer currently offers two other pink gaming chairs, the DXRacer Racing Pink and DXRacer Formula, which are in stock over at Amazon US and Amazon UK if they take your fancy – so all is not lost.