Dying Light: Bad Blood livestream – watch us play the ‘brutal royale’ live

Battle royale continues to be all the rage, but for once Fortnite isn’t the start, middle, and end of the phenomenon. Techland has released its own take on the mode, based in its grizzly zombie apocalypse. Dying Light: Bad Blood takes the last-man-standing gameplay of things like PUBG and adds the raging undead, resulting in something unexpectedly brilliant.

We at PCGamesN have rapidly become fans of Dying Light: Bad Blood, and so are streaming it once again. Join Matt and Jordan at 4pm BST for some zombie smashing, weapon crafting, rooftop running, and – hopefully – a sweet helicopter ride to victory.

Just what is it about Bad Blood that keeps us coming back for more, though? Well it’s the fact that it’s not just another 100-player battle royale. While Bad Blood is a last-man-standing game, it’s got far more ideas going on that just surviving to the finish line. 12 players go into the Dying Light map and must collect blood samples from hives of zombies. Of these 12, one must escape the map with 1500 samples via an extraction helicopter. You can only board the chopper if you have enough samples, so a match turns into a tense battle as players hunt more successful survivors in attempt to steal their blood collection.

Unlike other battle royale games, there’s no shrinking circle, and very few ranged weapons – this is a gory, brutal game of close quarters melee. The dense, built-up map means there’s no long-range sniping or camping; everyone’s running across rooftops and diving down stairwells.

If this different take on the world’s most popular genre intrigues you, be sure to tune into the PCGamesN livestream at 4pm BST. You can watch it in the Twitch player above, on Facebook.

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