Dying Light teaser shows impending doom in bright sunshine


The makers of Dying Light may dismiss the link to Mirror’s Edge as lazy but, prior to the latest trailer, most the footage showed DICE-ean freerunning. The current trailer goes much more in for the doom-laden weapon sharpening and and preparing for war, none of that in Mirror’s Edge.

Despite the criticisms Dead Island received on release, and, admittedly, it’s expansions were naff, I had a great time decapitating zombies with homemade weapons on a tropical island. There’s a trace of that in Dying Light, at least, that I can see from the footage released so far.

This new trailer changes that tone but that’s no bad thing:

It will be a crying shame if no one shouts “Ooh, he’s had a leg off!” after that amputation by machete scene.

This is the game being more silly:

(Electric mace.)

Dying Light’s due out later this year.